Video marketing trends of 2020

According to the latest reports, most businesses across the world are incorporating video marketing in their strategy to leverage the latest trends and to reap great returns. Two-thirds of the brands are expected to join the bandwagon and it will be an important step both for consumers and brands. Video content is slowly becoming the favorite way for brands to interact with consumers. It’s easy to understand and make a pitch that can convert into sales.

The latest trends in video marketing include shoppable videos and other innovations. Shoppable videos are already in use on YouTube marketing, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here brands create videos that link them directly to the product or service making it easy to purchase. Video content is the simplest and easiest way to engage with your customers and make them buy the product.
Vlogging is growing leaps and bounds and brands are using it like never before to reach their customers. Video creation is a good way to earn trust and authenticity for the brand. It can be used as a platform to introduce new products before the launch. Personalization of emails and newsletters is not a new phenomenon. In 2020 we will see more of personalized video content that’s relatable to the viewers. This is done through data and customer feedback. The videos become more relevant this way.

Interactive videos use many technicalities to make the video interesting. For instance, 360-degree access allows users to scroll in various ways inside the video. Branching customize content based on preferences. Hotspots allow users to click and interact with video in more detail. Leverage on the video trends to boost sales, because this is the future.
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