Influencer Marketing Trend in the UAE

Influencer Marketing has been creating a big impact on the digital landscape of the UAE.
This lucrative marketing tactic is playing a major role in the niche categories of beauty, entertainment, food, travel and technology.
Be it from micro to macro, the influencers of any size are considered as the trump card of any businesses such as beauty, fashion, entertainment, travel and technology.

Businesses from small enterprises to boutique businesses are going crazy in chasing micro-influencers to raise their brand awareness.
A recent survey on the digital behavior of the Middle East social media users clearly explains their peculiar affinity towards video stories.

While considering all the social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube are at the top of the line platforms for influencer marketing. Surprisingly, Facebook is not going in line with this trending tactic though some shifting scenes are happening alongside.

Middle East Brands who used influencers for their promotions have experienced exponential growth in the ROIs. Needless to say, this is the best-ever cost-effective marketing strategy ever happened in the world of promotions.

Digital marketing these days is more transparent and the growth metrics resulted from the influencer marketers reveal that it isn’t a fad anymore and the trend is here to stay for long.

As the year is nearing to its end in a few months, the current digital marketing trends of influencer marketing and video marketing are going to gain prominence in the Arab world.

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