Creativity and flexible working

In a creative business, establishing an innovative workforce is always a challenge. Sometimes the best ideas happen outside the office or even during weird hours of the night. So are strict processed followed in companies the way forward? Research shows that employees are more likely to be productive if you let them work on their terms. This is where flexible working comes in to picture. Freedom and trust are the cornerstones for productivity. So, in the modern world, flexible working is gaining more importance than before. This new way of work flourishes creativity. Rather than sitting 8 or 9 hours in the same spot, working at different times or different locations can spark more innovative ideas. This is because everyone works to a different beat, some are morning people and some are night owls. So the peak perforce for individuals varies vastly. Flexible working solves this problem.
However, there are certain guidelines to be followed such as the employees have to announce their work from home in advance. The companies also have to establish what hours the employees have to work within the flexible working framework. Technicalities like these have to be taken care of when team members are working from different locations. Proper support like IT support and other facilities have to be provided by the employer for seamless work. Ultimately, companies have to pay attention to all the details before launching flexible hours at the workplace which sure is the future.