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B2B content marketing strategies.

The basic structure of B2B marketing is almost similar to B2C marketing. We have to discover a strategy, plot a direction and plan for execution. Research also plays an important role in it. Once we roll out the plan, execution is a simple task. Today’s consumers don’t buy products just because they are aware of the brand, but because they know every product and its features. So grabbing attention and condensing information is the key to success in B2B Content marketing. Instead of just presenting a product, the ideal way is to say that ‘we know your pain points, and here is the solution to it. A great content strategy gives required information about the product and addresses its pain points. We have to give as much information to convert the pitch into sales. It’s all about educating customers about the product details and building trust in the brand. Once this job is done, it will be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Vibrand 360 is a digital marketing agency that helps you build awareness about your brand. The content marketing agency dubai also offers social media marketing among other services. It is one of the popular Marketing agency in Dubai to offer digital marketing and content marketing. Contact us to take your brand to the next level.

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Build your B2B business on Linkedin

LinkedIn has grown to be a powerful marketing tool. According to reports, there are over six million users and growing for the professional networking site. The first step is to create your business page that can be used to post videos, content and other details of your company on a regular basis to reach your target group. The SEO will take your business to newer heights. Creating valuable content is key to the access of your business. Posting video content and other information about your service will build awareness in a long run. It’s also ideal to join groups and use influencers to your advantage. Adhere to a posting schedule and also make use of Linkedin ads to communicate your product or service features. Even if you own a small business or your budget are meagre you can still use the platform to your advantage.

In Dubai, Vibrand 360 is an digital marketing agency in Dubai that can help you in Linkedin lead generation and helps you keep abreast of the digital marketing trends of 2021. LinkedIn marketing strategy can be devised by Vibrand to take your business to newer heights. Contact us to take your business to the next level.

360 degree marketing

How 360-degree marketing impacts your sales and promotions?

360-degree marketing is an approach that requires a comprehensive analysis, inclusivity and a holistic end-to-end approach in your marketing plan. This marketing method understands the requirements of your customers and the history of their purchase decisions. 360-degree marketing method converts prospects to customers in an instant with a strategy and creative execution. It changes the perception of the brand and makes it attractive to the clients. There are many requirements where we seamlessly combine digital and traditional advertising methods to get desired results. It starts from building a great website that conveys the product information and much more. Social media presence is critical as it is through this medium we can engage our potential customers.

A good SEO and other digital marketing methods like email marketing, digital and on-ground activations and other methods should be worked out to fit the plan. Offline marketing is also crucial in making the right marketing plan. This will work wonders for the brand if done right.

Vibrand is one of the leading 360-degree advertising agencies in Dubai that cater to services like Website development for companies in Dubai and much more. Give the advertising communication and marketing communication mandates of your company to us for a complete marketing plan. We are at par with the digital marketing trends and offline communication to derive a successful marketing plan for you. Get in touch with us for a brilliant 360-degree marketing plan.

Seo to do in first month

How should be your SEO strategy in the base level?

The first month of an SEO project is always crucial for an SEO project

Your 1 to 2 weeks should be into detailed keyword research and URL optimization.

Still, it’s your first month, and so if you can bring some excellent improvement, it’s enough to impress and convince the client to get performance monitoring tools onboard.

Things to do in the base level of your SEO project to get quick results:

Refine your Research

Comprehend the highest traffic and best performing page using Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Finalize three target keywords for each page: 1 Primary keyword and 2 Secondary Keyword. Finalize and fix the keywords to the URL mapping record.

Analyze and Amend

Analyze the current ranking of targeted keywords and review if your content has the quality and quantity(Word count) to rank in the 1st position on Google.
Based on your analysis, amend the contents to optimize better.

Optimize HUM (Heading + URL + Metadescription)

After amending contents as per the keyword plan, create a keyword order plan and implement it immediately on the H1 tag, URLs and Meta descriptions.

Once the modifications are implemented, examine and submit the URL for crawl using the Google search console.

Before submitting the URL on the Google search console, ensure the URL has a good reach and presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Linked In and Twitter.

As you all know, SEO is vast as an ocean, and so are the strategies as well. If the base is built strong, the results will be monumental eventually.

Significance of Digital Marketing for Luxury brands

Luxury brands can make use of the relationship with the consumer with digital marketing tools and strategy. Digitalization has changed how consumers interact with luxury brands.   Personalization is the keyword for luxury brands and a good consumer experience is vital for its success. To make a great digital experience the brands should focus on customer-centric communication that is relatable. Since a luxury brand can be defined as out of ordinary, beyond the ordinary and beyond a necessity, digital communication should lead to these factors.


The first step in digital transformation is to collect data and create a database of potential customers and loyal customers. A digital strategy is a next step to establish the brand in the mind of consumers. Then the best channels and formats need to be prepared with consistent messaging. The communication should be about the distinctive features, product line and exclusive advantages. The right communication can build or break the brand.


To effectively build your business in the luxury segment, you can use the expertise of Vibrand, a digital marketing agency in Dubai that offer exclusive services in advertising luxury brands. We closely worked with many luxury brands and has hands-on experience in the segment. It’s an ideal marketing agency for jewellery, textile or other premium brands that offer special services. Avail our expertise to ensure more market share and ROI.

Innovative Logo Design for a Traditional Arab clothing brand

Unlike Vibrand 360’s usual branding assignments, this Identity design was a bit challenging for the creative minds of Vibrand 360.
This previously unnamed brand was known for its premium quality material. Branding was essential for this product to run along in the race.

At Vibrand 360, our expert branding consultants in Dubai deciphered the brand values to a stunningly beautiful logo with a falcon.

The Arab headdress Ghutra from the house of Nojoom Al Marwa should hold a unique identity and an appropriate name. Our branding team have carefully weaved necessary regional elements like the falcon, UAE flag etc for a regionally welcoming look. Leverage sales with rightful customer targeting happen after creating a strong brand presence. Altogether, while looking into the name and the logo a conscious effort was put to make the identity unique and timeless.

How YouTube helps a business to succeed in their digital marketing efforts

The digital landscape has changed consumer behaviour. Today’s consumers are more in control of the purchase decisions as they are well-informed about the brands they want to buy. According to a recent study, consumers stated that they rely on explainer videos and videos in general to know more about a product.  More people rely on video than text to get information. So, to keep with the trend of these dynamics, video marketing is essential in this digital age. To attract audiences’ attention, you need to create short videos according to the requirement to glue them to the screen.

A strong sales pitch to describe your product is the key to success. Conveying your message using video can make your sales pitch stronger. To make consumers trust your product, it’s essential to build an emotion that can lead to credibility about the product. YouTube is an ideal platform to do a sales pitch as it has over 2 billion visitors. The content on YouTube reaches more than other media like TV or radio. As over 300 hours of content is uploaded every minute, you can understand the popularity of this medium. It can also boost your SEO.

In Dubai, Vibrand 360 is one of the most reputed digital agencies that can take your brand to newer heights. It is an ideal agency to create YouTube marketing videos in Dubai. As Video marketing is an important part of your marketing plan, you can reach us to create unique content. For more information call us.

Public relations the timeless player in marketing.

Public Relations is quite possibly the best approach to expand on promoting techniques and make a strong online and offline presence.

It is tied in with sending the right messages to the ideal spot and the correct individuals, making a more grounded brand reputation. PR organizations work close by their customers to assist them with accomplishing this and advance them towards approachable business status. PR is a field that can change the future and productivity of a business.

Listed below are a few benefits that make Public relations strategy timeless.

• Public relations increase brand credibility
• Increase profits, sales and leads with pr
• Pr changes the way people think about a business
• Pr enhances online presence

Just putting items on racks will not cut it any longer. Focus on the stories behind the products, people who love them and use them, and how they support your brand’s core values.

What are you doing to maximize your presence with PR?

How To Digitally Market Your Restaurant Business

Breaking into the restaurant business and making a marketing effort to succeed is not easy. Restaurants have used many traditional marketing methods like distributing pamphlets, posters, and so on. With the advent of digital marketing, the buzz is all about marketing the restaurant on the digital platform. There are several ways to boost sales through digital marketing.

Perfecting your website is the first step to make a digital presence. You can showcase the exceptional food, pictures of the ambiance, menu, and other striking visuals with engaging content to make the website entertaining and informative.

SEO rating decides how easy it is for the customers to find you. A good rating will put your restaurant on the top half of the search page. For this, to can make use of the local keywords and blogs and backlinks.

Social media presence can engage your audience and increase the likelihood of a visit. You can also offer discounts and vouchers through the posts. You can also use influencers to promote your business. Since they have a considerable following, it will be easy for your business to reach your target group. Networking with local business portals and advertising your restaurant reviews can also attract customers to your business. There are numerous other ways to make your restaurant a success.

In Dubai, Vibrant is one of the leading digital marketing agencies that can lay out a plan to market your restaurant business in Dubai. Our restaurant marketing plans are proven, and we can drive more traffic through specialized restaurant digital marketing. If you have read the social media marketing tips for restaurants in Dubai and want to flourish, reach us. We will be happy to help your restaurant succeed.

Importance of choosing the right marketing agency for your business

The right marketing agency can help your business grow and achieve your goals. There are numerous agencies that specializes in marketing. However, choosing the right agency and people is important to make a successful partnership that build brands. Keep in mind a few things before you sign the contract with an agency.

Check their past history and clients that they have handled. This will help you to understand the personality of the agency. Make sure it matches with your company’s profile. It’s almost like picking a partner where the relationship is built on trust. Through casual talks and office visits get to know more about the work culture of the agency. The staff they a lot you to do your work is crucial. You should know their skills, expertise and experience before you assign a project to them. If the staff is talented and has the right attitude, it will make the communication better.

Every company has long-term and short-term goals. The agency should be capable of meeting both by working with you to make great campaigns and communication. The agency should be up to date with the current marketing trends and have to implement them in your strategy. The agency should be able to deliver their commitment on time every time. They should be open for feedback and reworks.

In Dubai, Vibrand is one the leading marketing agencies that handles marketing and brand promotions. Digital marketing in UAE can have excellent results by working with Vibrand. It’s a branding agency that has worked with leading clients and improved the ROI of the clients through right branding. Call to know more about our services. We will be happy to make your brand outstanding.