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What is the purpose of rebranding in 2023? How to do successful rebranding?

Before we start with the importance and purpose of rebranding in 2023. Let’s first understand the concept of rebranding and its benefits.

Rebranding is basically an important marketing process for branding agencies in Dubai, in which changes are made to the image of the organization.

It can be in the form of changes in the name, tagline, design or concept. It is done to evolve and move according to the new trends in the market to drive growth by broadening their appeal by repositioning themselves in the current market.

Everybody prefers a change, especially in creative branding agencies in the UAE, if not what’s fun with a monotonous vision or goal, it will turn boring and less appreciated over a period of time. A company that started its operation ten years ago will have different goals, mission and vision from when it started.

Bringing a balance between elements that had once built your brand and the new ideas is always essential to make your rebranding story a success.

The reason behind rebranding in 2023 is due to the revolutionizing changes in branding companies in the UAE. Today’s digital era plays a crucial role in keeping brands pertinent to the evolving consumer needs and desires.

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. Hence, it is an important factor in how your organization is perceived by the customers and employees.
Rebranding it in the right way shall only increase the chances of your brand growing.

Apart from the benefit of brand growth mentioned earlier, there are several other benefits which are as follows:

Attracts new customers
* After a prolonged period of your company’s brand in the market, there will be a point wherein the brand will remain stagnant and irrelevant. This is exactly when rebranding comes into the picture. By rebranding your company’s image, the personality and the target audience broaden because of which there will be more recognition and interest in your brand from both your existing customers and the new ones.

Increases positive engagement
* Whenever there is a new and exciting change done to a specific brand, the more are chances for people to talk about the brand or company on social platforms.

Stay current
* The main goal behind rebranding is to stay up to date with the changes in the market.
Being standard with no changes to your brand shall only make you hidden in the herd with absolute zero attention and recognition from the target audience who are new as well as old.

Makes you stand out from the herd
* As you evolve, your capabilities shall clash with the ones that of your competitors. Hence, rebranding can be the most impactful way to set your company apart from the rest which will show your clients the uniqueness of your brand.

Will help you with sales
* A boring and outdated brand will never be appreciated until and unless there are some fresh changes made to it as a well-defined brand is easier to attract and sell to customers.

Reduces Marketing costs
* Just a splash on social media about the changes in the right manner to an existing brand is more than enough to spark a conversation as well as a conversion in the minds of the consumers thereby reducing the cost of marketing.

Attracts potential talents
* A well-built brand will always attract the right team for its growth. Hence, it’s always good to be clear and thoughtful while rebranding your company.

When should an organization or a company go for the process of rebranding?
– Rebranding as it says is done mainly to stay relevant, improve recognition and gain sales by reflecting the company’s mission and values better.

Reasons for which your organization might need a rebranding are mentioned below:

– Business expansion
– Changes in the company goals and vision
– Brand gets outdated
– Target audience has changed
– Consumers can’t differentiate you any longer
– Sales have become stagnant

Now that we have discussed the process of rebranding, its benefits and when it should be executed.
We shall move on to the detailed information on the different stages of Rebranding.

1) Planning
* A good rebrand process starts with a clear understanding of why there is a need for it.
Before the process begins, thorough research has to be done regarding the recent updates and trends in the market as well as the target audience’s likes and interests to gain maximum conversion thereby increasing trust and loyalty.

2) Brand Development
* It consists of redefining your brand’s personality and creating a strong visual identity that shall be riveting and enduring. A brand’s personality ensures that the company’s message and positioning match its new goals and mission. On the other hand, your logo should serve as a better version of the previous one that shall also represent your new ideologies in the right and the most direct way possible without any confusion in the mind of your target audience.

3) Implementation
* This is the most crucial part where you should ensure that all parts are covered for a seamless transition.
Additionally, you can promote the rebranding news on social media platforms or through blogs to gain maximum attention. Even minute details should be paid attention to such as business cards, uniforms of employees, and social media profiles to make the rebrand process a success.

Once all these stages have been completed successfully, it is always good to keep a tab on how things have changed after the rebranding procedure to know where exactly we stand and what the next steps of action we might have to take for the seamless success of the brand.

Last but not least, We at Vibrand 360 being one of the award-winning Branding and Creative Agency in Dubai have successfully implemented various rebranding works out of which a few are mentioned below:

* Seamark Shipping – Freight & Logistics Services
* Al Shifa Al Khaleeji –  Medical Centre
* Majestic Optics – Eyecare Centre
* Globelink West Star Shipping – Freight Forwarding & Logistics Services
* Synergy Pharma – Wellness & Pharmaceuticals
* Robustrade – Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of    Beverages, Cooking Oil, Culinary Products & Automobile Products.
* Chocomira Chocolates – Chocolate maker and distributor.
* New Smart – Distributor for SHARP Office Automation products
* Rafmoh Gold & Bullion – Globally approved Group of Gold refineries
* Gaia – Wellness and Pharmaceuticals

SEO Agency in Dubai

What is SEO for brand awareness and why it is important?

Brand awareness plays a crucial role in the success of any business if done right. It increases trust and loyalty among consumers as it is the foundation of attaining customers and helps them give a clear picture of your products and services.

What exactly is Brand Awareness?
The level to which consumers get familiar with and recognize your image, logo or services is known as brand awareness.

What are the advantages of Brand Awareness?

  • It helps in building trust
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Speeds and increases sales
  • Improves brand perception
  • Makes it easier for the recognition of your brand

What is the major goal when it comes to brand awareness in a digital marketing agency in Dubai?

The main purpose of Brand Awareness is to build a clear picture that is easily communicable to the consumers with the right content and targeting strategy.
Now before we move on to the main concept of what SEO does for brand awareness, let’s understand what is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting pages or brands to rank higher in search engines such as Google for the success of SEO agencies in Dubai. It consists of optimizing websites and web pages with the aim of improving their rankings in search engine results.

Every company or business wants to be recognized. However, it should not be about knowing the name only, it should talk about the company’s values, mission, vision, niche, products and services. All these qualities generate interest, recognition, remembrance and differentiation. SEO and Brand Awareness always go hand in hand even though it focuses on driving organic traffic, brand awareness increases simultaneously.

What are the benefits of SEO in increasing Brand Awareness?
Marketing strategies such as social media campaigns, paid advertisement and branded content can end up being too expensive. This is where SEO takes a significant role being the most economical and efficient solution.

Now let’s look into the benefits of Search Engine Optimization on Brand Awareness.

Increases Brand Reach
* SEO has great power in increasing the range of people driving into your website. Hence, they are widely used and appreciated.

Organic Strategy
* SEO is completely organic which means that there is absolutely no need for you to pay Google to place your site in the engine results as even the visibility and clicks are free.

Establishes Your Voice in The Market

* Once your business is well recognized, especially with the marketing strategies, you will notice that your position in the search engine results will automatically rise which will eventually increase your brand’s reliability and trust among your consumers.

Strengthens Branding with Good Content
* A page only wins the highest rank in the search engine results if it offers good valuable content to the users which in return helps the brand or business to sustain its position in the market. These contents should not only talk about products and services but should offer solutions and a clear picture of the needs of the consumers.

Improves the Website Experience
* Offering good content is not enough for the success of your business as additionally, your page should also create a valuable website experience to win over Google or other search engines such as easy to use and easy to access. Hence, here SEO provides the consumer with a valuable experience within the site.

Factors that contribute to a user-friendly website are:
– Responsiveness
– Loading Speed
– Links and Tabs Functionality
– Site Security

What are the different types of SEOs followed by SEO companies in the UAE?
Search Engine Optimization comes in four different forms:

On-Page SEO
* It consists of things like keywords, links, meta descriptions, titles and data.

Off-Page SEO
* This refers to all the activities such as backlinks that happen off your website which could influence your site’s rankings.

* It plays a significant role in attaining high ranks in search engine results. The content that you create should be relevant to the interests of the consumers and should provide a call-to-action purpose.

Technical SEO
* This aspect makes it easy for your content to be easily discoverable. It lets search engines crawl up your pages, index them and make the page findable.

SEO and Brand Awareness are interlinked which plays a prominent role in your rankings. Hence, including branding in SEO strategies can boost your rankings simultaneously and help your brand become a recognizable one.

Choose Vibrand 360, the leading digital marketing agency Dubai, we provide the best SEO services in Dubai and help businesses to achieve sustainable growth. Partnering with us allows your business to thrive in a bustling city like Dubai with top-notch SEO and branding services.

logo design tips

Best Logo Design Tips in 2022

A logo is the identity of a brand. Although a brand is a collection of emotions, memories, and stories, a logo can give a distinct identity to the brand. To make the logo stand out, we are sharing some tips. Use these to make your logo a springboard to brand success.

A logo should be memorable and distinct. It should immediately get associated with the brand a what it stands for. Since a logo should stand the test of time, you should ensure it’s simple and relevant to the brand. To create an iconic symbol, you should make it simple and easy to identify. It would be best if you also kept in mind the target audience. 

An excellent visual identity will attract attention and will be easy to identify the customers. A logo should also convey a story or a feeling among consumers. After trying out a few options, you can check with others for feedback. You can take all the relevant feedback to improve the logo and make it more attractive. It is mandatory to keep a positive outlook on the design. Positive perception is needed to keep the logo on top of the mind. 

The typefaces you choose can make or mar the logo. So avoid using popular typefaces. If possible, you can create your typeface and experiment with it. The logo should never be complicated, and it should be simple and straight to the point. It should communicate your brand’s values and personality to the consumers. It should be authentic and should be attractive. The colors you use can make a more significant impact. Choose colors that stand out and create an instant impression. 

Main Points to be Noted During a Logo Designing Process

  • Based on your business and goals, make a point.

The first step is to establish what you’re attempting to express because a logo needs to make a significant statement to work correctly. Since logos are symbols, they should convey to viewers what you represent for.

  • Recognize who your audience is.

A logo should symbolize the company it promotes and its type of audience. By knowing your purpose and value to customers and potential customers, you can decide what look you want, depending on what you stand for. If unsure, consider what sets your business apart from competitors; even better, speak with your clients. What you decide should matter to your potential clients and consumers and not just to you.

  • Make a vector file of it.

Your logo is adaptable, and you can expect to see it everywhere, from small knickknacks to large-scale graphic advertisements. You’ll get a lot of grief later on if you initially develop your logo in a vector environment. You will have a better chance of success in this area if you use vector graphics tools like Adobe Illustrator.

  • If it doesn’t create an impression, stop moving forward.

You must first comprehend the value and significance of your brand to your clients and top prospects if you want your logo to perform as intended. You’ll then have a symbol that represents something if you adhere to the design guidelines that some of the best logos in the world were built around. A company’s logo can never fully capture everything it is, offers, or aspires to be. Still, a strong logo will make a statement that your target audience will understand and recognize.

In Dubai, Vibrand 360 is the most popular brand design agency that can create a logo for your brand. The professionals at Vibrand are experts in advertising and marketing in Dubai. They can make a logo that is visually stunning and relevant. The top advertising agency in Dubai can help your brand reach the target group. Contact Vibrand for the best branding services in Dubai

content marketing agency dubai

Luxury packaging design agency

Luxury packaging design agency – The company has been managing the design process for major brands since 2006.

Luxury Packaging Design: How to Conduct a Proper Research

When it comes to luxury packaging design, you want to make sure that your research is thorough and informed. Conducting the proper research can help you create packaging that stands out from the rest and shows off your brand’s sophistication. Here are a few tips for conducting proper research:

  1. Look at established brands. As with anything in life, if you want to be good at something, study the best in the business. Take a look at what other luxury brands are doing and see how they approach packaging design. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What does their packaging look like on an individual product level? How do their designs impact sales?
  2. Talk to consumers. What do they think of luxury packaging? Are they familiar with certain brands’ packaging designs? Do they have any recommendations? In-depth interviews with consumers can give you invaluable insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to luxury packaging design.
  3. Look at industry trends. Watch what other industries are doing and see how they’ve incorporated luxury packaging into their business models. Are there any specific trends you should consider when designing your luxury packaging?

The Art of the Package

The art of the package is one that many luxury brands take very seriously. Not only do they want their products to look amazing and showcase their unique brand, but they also want their packaging to be elegant and sophisticated. Some luxury brands outsource some of their packaging design work to smaller studios. This allows them to focus on other aspects of their business and still get great results.

Launching A New Product

If you’re looking to launch a new product, a luxury packaging design agency is the perfect fit. With years of experience crafting sleek and eye-catching packaging, our team can help you create a product that looks and feels luxurious from the moment someone opens it. Our team’s skills go beyond simply designing beautiful packages – we also have experience creating marketing materials and branding solutions to help you sell your product to consumers. Plus, our team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about launching your new product. So if you’re looking for a creative and professional solution for your next product launch, contact the luxury packaging design agency today!

The Benefits of Luxury Packaging

A luxury packaging design agency can offer you several benefits. First and foremost, they can help you create unique and eye-catching packaging that will undoubtedly impress your customers. Additionally, a luxury packaging design agency can offer you marketing support and help promote your products in the most effective way possible. In short, a luxury packaging design agency can be a valuable resource for any business looking to improve its branding and marketing efforts.

Vibrand 36o is an award-winning writer and artist who believe in the craft of advertising and practice it with utmost reverence. We are determined to create effective communications that weave magic for the brands associated with us. Our pursuit of perfection in all we do results in path-breaking outcomes that exceed expectations making us the best advertising company in Dubai.

If you are looking for a top luxury packaging design agency in Dubai, contact us at +971 543742901  or mail us at biz@vibrand360.com

content marketing agency dubai

What is Content Marketing & How to get started in 2022

All about content creation in the digital age from Vibrand 360

Content marketing is a strategy of creating content to promote your brand. Although content marketing is used to improve sales, its main purpose is to encourage interest and build a community. Through this customer learn about the services or products of the company and helps in building a relationship with potential clients. So, it’s important to create content that Is useful and shareworthy.

First you have to start with content strategy. This is setting up a goal before you step into the process. It can be about building a community or becoming a thought leader or generate leads. Whatever be the plan, the creations should be in alignment with this idea. Then you have create a calendar demonstrating the various content to be developed based on the relevance with the brand. After that the production process begins. Then its all about distribution and promotion. You should be informed about the topics and ideas that are trending. All in all, a great content can take your brand to newer heights.

We are now elaborating a few steps in content marketing that’s critical for its success.

Firstly, you should research your audience thoroughly to understand their pain points and all the needs they have. Then you look for the existing content and find out what made it tick and what doesn’t. This will help in planning and implementing your content marketing., Then its all about the strategy and content creation process. This is all about finalising what content to use and how to use it in the marketing materials. If you can personalise the message and address it to the pain points of the customer it will be more relatable and enables more sales.

So, finally when you zero down on the content it will increase conversions and enhance brand awareness.it will generate more revenue and build a string customer base. Content marketing is evolving every day to become the most important marketing tool. The wise use of strategy and content can work wonders for your brand.
In Dubai, Vibrand 360 is a creative agency specialised in content marketing. The team consists of professionals who can bring your brand to the next level. The digital marketing agency is one of the best integrated marketing agencies in Dubai. You can get the support of the team to build a marketing strategy and digital marketing tools to gain results. The best content marketing can be done through discussions and insights.

Contact us to know more about content creation, digital marketing and social media marketing. We can guide you step by step to achieve all your goals and help you succeed in the mission to become the well-known brand. Vibrant has art and content professionals who bring quality content for your brand. So, wait no more, call us to know more about our services and how we can help your brand to be a grand success in the cluttered market. We are looking forward to a lasting partnership.

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B2B content marketing strategies.

The basic structure of B2B marketing is almost similar to B2C marketing. We have to discover a strategy, plot a direction and plan for execution. Research also plays an important role in it. Once we roll out the plan, execution is a simple task. Today’s consumers don’t buy products just because they are aware of the brand, but because they know every product and its features. So grabbing attention and condensing information is the key to success in B2B Content marketing. Instead of just presenting a product, the ideal way is to say that ‘we know your pain points, and here is the solution to it. A great content strategy gives required information about the product and addresses its pain points. We have to give as much information to convert the pitch into sales. It’s all about educating customers about the product details and building trust in the brand. Once this job is done, it will be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Vibrand 360 is a digital marketing agency that helps you build awareness about your brand. The content marketing agency dubai also offers social media marketing among other services. It is one of the popular Marketing agency in Dubai to offer digital marketing and content marketing. Contact us to take your brand to the next level.

b2b marketing company in dubai

Build your B2B business on Linkedin

LinkedIn has grown to be a powerful marketing tool. According to reports, there are over six million users and growing for the professional networking site. The first step is to create your business page that can be used to post videos, content and other details of your company on a regular basis to reach your target group. The SEO will take your business to newer heights. Creating valuable content is key to the access of your business. Posting video content and other information about your service will build awareness in a long run. It’s also ideal to join groups and use influencers to your advantage. Adhere to a posting schedule and also make use of Linkedin ads to communicate your product or service features. Even if you own a small business or your budget are meagre you can still use the platform to your advantage.

In Dubai, Vibrand 360 is an digital marketing agency in Dubai that can help you in Linkedin lead generation and helps you keep abreast of the digital marketing trends of 2021. LinkedIn marketing strategy can be devised by Vibrand to take your business to newer heights. Contact us to take your business to the next level.

360 degree marketing

How 360-degree marketing impacts your sales and promotions?

360-degree marketing is an approach that requires a comprehensive analysis, inclusivity and a holistic end-to-end approach in your marketing plan. This marketing method understands the requirements of your customers and the history of their purchase decisions. 360-degree marketing method converts prospects to customers in an instant with a strategy and creative execution. It changes the perception of the brand and makes it attractive to the clients. There are many requirements where we seamlessly combine digital and traditional advertising methods to get desired results. It starts from building a great website that conveys the product information and much more. Social media presence is critical as it is through this medium we can engage our potential customers.

A good SEO and other digital marketing methods like email marketing, digital and on-ground activations and other methods should be worked out to fit the plan. Offline marketing is also crucial in making the right marketing plan. This will work wonders for the brand if done right.

Vibrand is one of the leading 360-degree advertising agencies in Dubai that cater to services like Website development for companies in Dubai and much more. Give the advertising communication and marketing communication mandates of your company to us for a complete marketing plan. We are at par with the digital marketing trends and offline communication to derive a successful marketing plan for you. Get in touch with us for a brilliant 360-degree marketing plan.

seo digital marketing company dubai

How should be your SEO strategy in the base level?

The first month of an SEO project is always crucial for an SEO project

Your 1 to 2 weeks should be into detailed keyword research and URL optimization.

Still, it’s your first month, and so if you can bring some excellent improvement, it’s enough to impress and convince the client to get performance monitoring tools onboard.

Things to do in the base level of your SEO project to get quick results:

Refine your Research

Comprehend the highest traffic and best performing page using Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Finalize three target keywords for each page: 1 Primary keyword and 2 Secondary Keyword. Finalize and fix the keywords to the URL mapping record.

Analyze and Amend

Analyze the current ranking of targeted keywords and review if your content has the quality and quantity(Word count) to rank in the 1st position on Google.
Based on your analysis, amend the contents to optimize better.

Optimize HUM (Heading + URL + Metadescription)

After amending contents as per the keyword plan, create a keyword order plan and implement it immediately on the H1 tag, URLs and Meta descriptions.

Once the modifications are implemented, examine and submit the URL for crawl using the Google search console.

Before submitting the URL on the Google search console, ensure the URL has a good reach and presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Linked In and Twitter.

As you all know, SEO is vast as an ocean, and so are the strategies as well. If the base is built strong, the results will be monumental eventually.

Vibrand 360 is a digital marketing agency that helps you build awareness about your brand. The seo digital marketing company dubai also offers social media marketing among other services. It is one of the popular Marketing agency in Dubai to offer digital marketing and content marketing. Contact us to take your brand to the next level.

digital marketing agency dubai

Significance of Digital Marketing for Luxury brands

Luxury brands can make use of the relationship with the consumer with digital marketing tools and strategy. Digitalization has changed how consumers interact with luxury brands.   Personalization is the keyword for luxury brands and a good consumer experience is vital for its success. To make a great digital experience the brands should focus on customer-centric communication that is relatable. Since a luxury brand can be defined as out of ordinary, beyond the ordinary and beyond a necessity, digital communication should lead to these factors.


The first step in digital transformation is to collect data and create a database of potential customers and loyal customers. A digital strategy is a next step to establish the brand in the mind of consumers. Then the best channels and formats need to be prepared with consistent messaging. The communication should be about the distinctive features, product line and exclusive advantages. The right communication can build or break the brand.


To effectively build your business in the luxury segment, you can use the expertise of Vibrand, a digital marketing agency in Dubai that offer exclusive services in advertising luxury brands. We closely worked with many luxury brands and has hands-on experience in the segment. It’s an ideal marketing agency for jewellery, textile or other premium brands that offer special services. Avail our expertise to ensure more market share and ROI.

Vibrand 360 is a digital marketing agency that helps you build awareness about your brand. The content marketing agency dubai also offers social media marketing among other services. It is one of the popular Marketing agency in Dubai to offer digital marketing and content marketing. Contact us to take your brand to the next level.