What is AI Marketing: Strategies and Tactics of AI marketing

We are now in the period of what is termed the Digital Era, where there is a drastic increase in technological advancements which is exclusively led by digital innovation. The latest technologies are indeed reshaping economies and societies in a positive manner as such advancements hold great promise for the future.
These advancements are highly favourable in boosting economic prosperity and human welfare due to the increased opportunities that arise out of such advancements.

One of the major topics we discuss today when it comes to technological advancements is that of AI Marketing and its benefits as it occupies a significant role in the marketing realm, especially in marketing companies in Dubai, UAE and it is a key element in maintaining competitiveness nowadays.

Before we move any further, let’s first understand what exactly is AI Marketing in the field of digital marketing.

AI Marketing also called Artificial Intelligence Marketing helps teams of marketing agencies to go far beyond standard demographic data to learn about their consumers’ preferences on an individual level. This technique therefore helps you in getting connected to your target audiences on an emotional level by creating content or experiences based on their likes and choices.
AI in the field of marketing is considered to be a marvel tool that offers a wide range of benefits such as personalized and competitive content based on customer data. It also helps us in saving time and ensures maximum ROI. Additionally, they increase cost efficiency and scalability which any organization could benefit from be it big or small-scale organizations.

AI uses the following strategies to successfully reach your target audiences.

– Data Analysis: AI collects and sifts marketing data from campaigns and programs that are usually done manually in less time.
– Media Buying: AI predicts the suitable placement for a business in order to reach the target audience and increase marketing strategy ROI.

– NLP also known as Natural Language Processing: Here AI creates layman’s language for content creation, customer services, personalization and much more.

– Automated Decision Making: AI tools decide which business growth strategy to use.

– Content Generation: AI creates long and short content such as video captions, taglines, blogs, email subject lines and web copies.

– Personalization: AI brings a change in customers’ experience with the help of a marketing asset such as a social media post, campaign or email.


It’s always important to have a clear vision when using AI in marketing campaigns and programs.
So, before we begin with AI marketing tools, let’s discuss a few elements to be considered.

Prepare Goals
Before implementing any marketing campaign or program, it is of utmost importance that you set up a clear vision and goal for maximum outcome.

Following Proper Data Privacy Standard
Always maintain compliance by making sure that your AI marketing strategies do not cross the line in the name of personalization. Bu doing so you are increasing a positive chance of gaining consumers’ trust. Thus, creating transparency and loyalty.

Generating Data Quantity and Sources
Digital marketers should be equipped with a vast amount of data before moving ahead with AI marketing. This data can be generated from previous campaigns, operations and website data.

Get a Data Science Talent
To achieve success the right way with AI marketing tools, it is always good if you have an expert amongst you, if not hire one as they can help you with the proper data collection and analysis for optimal performance and outcome.

Maintain the quality of the data
For a positive impact on your next ad campaign or operation, consider the following essentials for better results:

– Accuracy
– Consistency
– Transparency
– Completeness
– Timeliness

Creating an Integrated AI marketing strategy
It is essential to grasp the current AI applications in marketing such as Chatbots as they are vital for customer support and satisfaction.
These tools provide instant results and responses, ensuring customer engagement.


– Precision & Personalization: AI marketing helps in creating customized campaigns and messages by digging deep into customers’ preferences. It can also help in finding the right target audience which results in higher conversion rates and ROI.

– Automation & Efficiency: AI has the power to streamline time-consuming tasks with precision such as social media posting and data analysis.

– Speed: AI helps the marketing team to respond quickly to the changing consumer needs and preferences.

– Creativity & Innovation: AI can help in making new and fresh creative campaigns that is on track with the latest trends and changes in the field of marketing and advertising.

– Cost Reduction: AI reduces the cost of labour and increases overall productivity.


The AI Marketing process is highly evolving with new capabilities bringing in drastic changes.
When it comes to the size of your organization, be it a large-scale one or a small company, introducing AI tools can help you increase ROI, productivity and efficiency.
In conclusion, by leveraging this tool the correct way, businesses can attain a clarified insight into the consumers’ likes and dislikes