What is the purpose of rebranding in 2023? How to do successful rebranding?

Before we start with the importance and purpose of rebranding in 2023. Let’s first understand the concept of rebranding and its benefits.

Rebranding is basically an important marketing process for branding agencies in Dubai, in which changes are made to the image of the organization.

It can be in the form of changes in the name, tagline, design or concept. It is done to evolve and move according to the new trends in the market to drive growth by broadening their appeal by repositioning themselves in the current market.

Everybody prefers a change, especially in creative branding agencies in the UAE, if not what’s fun with a monotonous vision or goal, it will turn boring and less appreciated over a period of time. A company that started its operation ten years ago will have different goals, mission and vision from when it started.

Bringing a balance between elements that had once built your brand and the new ideas is always essential to make your rebranding story a success.

The reason behind rebranding in 2023 is due to the revolutionizing changes in branding companies in the UAE. Today’s digital era plays a crucial role in keeping brands pertinent to the evolving consumer needs and desires.

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. Hence, it is an important factor in how your organization is perceived by the customers and employees.
Rebranding it in the right way shall only increase the chances of your brand growing.

Apart from the benefit of brand growth mentioned earlier, there are several other benefits which are as follows:

Attracts new customers
* After a prolonged period of your company’s brand in the market, there will be a point wherein the brand will remain stagnant and irrelevant. This is exactly when rebranding comes into the picture. By rebranding your company’s image, the personality and the target audience broaden because of which there will be more recognition and interest in your brand from both your existing customers and the new ones.

Increases positive engagement
* Whenever there is a new and exciting change done to a specific brand, the more are chances for people to talk about the brand or company on social platforms.

Stay current
* The main goal behind rebranding is to stay up to date with the changes in the market.
Being standard with no changes to your brand shall only make you hidden in the herd with absolute zero attention and recognition from the target audience who are new as well as old.

Makes you stand out from the herd
* As you evolve, your capabilities shall clash with the ones that of your competitors. Hence, rebranding can be the most impactful way to set your company apart from the rest which will show your clients the uniqueness of your brand.

Will help you with sales
* A boring and outdated brand will never be appreciated until and unless there are some fresh changes made to it as a well-defined brand is easier to attract and sell to customers.

Reduces Marketing costs
* Just a splash on social media about the changes in the right manner to an existing brand is more than enough to spark a conversation as well as a conversion in the minds of the consumers thereby reducing the cost of marketing.

Attracts potential talents
* A well-built brand will always attract the right team for its growth. Hence, it’s always good to be clear and thoughtful while rebranding your company.

When should an organization or a company go for the process of rebranding?
– Rebranding as it says is done mainly to stay relevant, improve recognition and gain sales by reflecting the company’s mission and values better.

Reasons for which your organization might need a rebranding are mentioned below:

– Business expansion
– Changes in the company goals and vision
– Brand gets outdated
– Target audience has changed
– Consumers can’t differentiate you any longer
– Sales have become stagnant

Now that we have discussed the process of rebranding, its benefits and when it should be executed.
We shall move on to the detailed information on the different stages of Rebranding.

1) Planning
* A good rebrand process starts with a clear understanding of why there is a need for it.
Before the process begins, thorough research has to be done regarding the recent updates and trends in the market as well as the target audience’s likes and interests to gain maximum conversion thereby increasing trust and loyalty.

2) Brand Development
* It consists of redefining your brand’s personality and creating a strong visual identity that shall be riveting and enduring. A brand’s personality ensures that the company’s message and positioning match its new goals and mission. On the other hand, your logo should serve as a better version of the previous one that shall also represent your new ideologies in the right and the most direct way possible without any confusion in the mind of your target audience.

3) Implementation
* This is the most crucial part where you should ensure that all parts are covered for a seamless transition.
Additionally, you can promote the rebranding news on social media platforms or through blogs to gain maximum attention. Even minute details should be paid attention to such as business cards, uniforms of employees, and social media profiles to make the rebrand process a success.

Once all these stages have been completed successfully, it is always good to keep a tab on how things have changed after the rebranding procedure to know where exactly we stand and what the next steps of action we might have to take for the seamless success of the brand.

Last but not least, We at Vibrand 360 being one of the award-winning Branding and Creative Agency in Dubai have successfully implemented various rebranding works out of which a few are mentioned below:

* Seamark Shipping – Freight & Logistics Services
* Al Shifa Al Khaleeji –  Medical Centre
* Majestic Optics – Eyecare Centre
* Globelink West Star Shipping – Freight Forwarding & Logistics Services
* Synergy Pharma – Wellness & Pharmaceuticals
* Robustrade – Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of    Beverages, Cooking Oil, Culinary Products & Automobile Products.
* Chocomira Chocolates – Chocolate maker and distributor.
* New Smart – Distributor for SHARP Office Automation products
* Rafmoh Gold & Bullion – Globally approved Group of Gold refineries
* Gaia – Wellness and Pharmaceuticals