Package Design Trends in 2020

Be it on a chocolate bar or cool drinks bottle packaging is the watchword for sales success. Recent research reveals that 81% of buyers shop for any item because of its stunning packaging.

As 2020 draws towards an end packaging world has witnessed many trends in the past year. Here's looking back to the top 5 design trends which entered in the favorite list of our designers.

Sustainable packaging
A trend that started a few years before and still sustains. The past year had many designs themed on sustainability. While considering the artistic rendition of sustainable package designs always succeeds. In general, this trend is regarded as long-lasting and can send to 2021 with five stars.

Be it in package designing or logo designing minimalism is the king who never fails to conquer hearts. Consumers are inclining towards minimalistic packages these days which are clean and convincing.

Bold colors and Patterns
Bold colors, neat lines, and symmetric geometry are the core elements of this design trend. These elements will communicate the essence through its branded patterns which creates an impactful appeal to the mind of consumers.

Flat design
Flat illustrations and images avoid the headache of the cluttered look. These newly found round usually have glowing serif fonts, clear product photographs, and detailed graphics.

Revealing the real
The trend of transparent designs boosts the integrity and authenticity of the brand. Product Revealing windows, Cutouts of the product's texture is the commonly adopted method in this trend.