Advertising trends of 2020

Marketing and advertising trends change every day and even every second. Here we are looking at some digital advertising trends of 2020. It’s an age where consumers are paying less attention to advertising. So the times need advertising that engages consumers. According to recent statistics, 72% of the consumers hate repetitive ads and 42% of the consumers said that the advertising they see on the digital platforms is irrelevant to their needs. Contextual targeting is the buzzword in advertising circles. This is the strategy of placing relevant ads to consumers if it matches keywords, location, or browsing habits.

The advertisers will now be targeting Gen Z. Marketing tactics relevant to their needs will now be the forte for most advertisers. For that mobile-first thinking is essential. In 2020 we have seen data-driven display advertising that is also creative. There were new creative leaps in advertising to engage the new generation of consumers. Creativity and data are combined to make ads relevant and playful.

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