Innovative Logo Design for a Traditional Arab clothing brand

Unlike Vibrand 360’s usual branding assignments, this Identity design was a bit challenging for the creative minds of Vibrand 360.
This previously unnamed brand was known for its premium quality material. Branding was essential for this product to run along in the race.

At Vibrand 360, our expert branding consultants in Dubai deciphered the brand values to a stunningly beautiful logo with a falcon.

The Arab headdress Ghutra from the house of Nojoom Al Marwa should hold a unique identity and an appropriate name. Our branding team have carefully weaved necessary regional elements like the falcon, UAE flag etc for a regionally welcoming look. Leverage sales with rightful customer targeting happen after creating a strong brand presence. Altogether, while looking into the name and the logo a conscious effort was put to make the identity unique and timeless.