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Top Office Interior Design Trends in 2021

Remote work may be the new normal so are the interior design trends of offices. The trends that are here to stay for the future and these emerging trends are found widely adopted by the companies.

Here we are listing a few of the design strategies that are found trending in 2021

Wellness-centred and humane design

The imperative to design human-centred office spaces are aligned with the current day scenarios. These unprecedented times demands a calm workspace. Interior designers and concept designers are keen now on creating lively office interiors.

Agile workspace

Flexibility at its maximum is the speciality of this trending office interior design. Moveable furniture, open and expandable areas, accessible managerial space from any corner are the basic advantage of these kinds of workspace design.

Resimerical Office spaces
Creating a home-like atmosphere at the workspace makes this trend well-aligned with the current time. Blending residential and commercial design features – resimerical is catching the attention of startups and newbie entrepreneurs to set up a home-from-home work atmosphere for their staff.

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Top 3 reasons to rebrand your brand.

Research says that businesses and brands revamp their logos once every seven to ten years. Rebranding is often always in terms of styling the logo with new color blends, visual language, and style.

Here we are listing when you should rebrand your brand:


Whenever carried out appropriately a brand repositioning may have significant consequences. Every matter of the brand should be repositioned carefully and cautiously and should well align within the interests of all the stakeholders.

Out with the old

This can be considered as one of the major reasons for the rebranding strategy.  The old days of sleek design are gone, the world is into colors. In the world of trends having a time-tested logo is always a challenge and should be done with expert guidance.

Changing market

When the pandemic struck the world, it impacted the business modeling of big brands as well. Here’s where rebranding becomes vital and inevitable. Digitalizing the brand identity is an area to be examined while rebranding your brand for the world.

Apart from the reasons listed above, there can be a multitude of factors that leads to an impactful rebranding. Make sure you are well-armed with an effective strategy that will give an awe-struck perception to your prospects.

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Significance of e commerce websites for retailers

Significance of e commerce websites for retailers

In this online era retailers can choose to sell their products on the marketplace or by creating their own website. However, owning a website is an easy way to reach your target audience. Although Amazon and the like are great platforms having a website has added advantages. One of the main advantages of having a website is that you can create a database of visitors and send them emails talking about your products. As repeat selling is limited in the marketplace you can easily reach your customers through a website database. If you list on the marketplace there are limitations of branding as you have to adhere to their rules and regulations. However, a website allows you to brand your product and increase visibility. A website allows you to track your customers based on the demographics, locations and many more facilities. When you gain information about your customers you can tweak your brand to match their needs. A website can also have the advantage to make your own rules and including content and videos, you deem fit.

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Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Digital marketing is the new way to tap into the potential market. For pharmaceutical companies, it is a goldmine as the digital space offers cost-effective and viable solutions to boost their sales. They can also provide information about the products and also tips to stay healthy. To position your brand as a thought leader, you need to derive a good digital strategy. As there are many other ways people can know about health risks, the only way is to engage them with content that’s engaging and informative. We can also take a step ahead and use VR and AR adoptions to place people at the heart of the business. The companies can make use of AI-powered assistants and messaging apps to start personal conversations. The companies can also make influencers to promote their products.

There are many other ways for pharmaceutical companies to gain the advantage over completion. In Dubai, Vibrand is the leading business marketing agency that helps you achieve your company’s goals. We offer marketing and PR media solutions and specialized digital marketing for pharma agencies. Contact us to know more about marketing in the digital age.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agencies in the UAE

For top-tier real estate agents, advanced digital marketing has gone to the cutting edge of their marketing endeavors. From producing new leads to closing million-dollar deals the land business is currently dependent on online marketing. Below is a sneak-peek at some strategies where Real estate agencies in the UAE can look forward to.

Boost and Build Exposure

Both the Real Estate Developer and the Real Estate Agent should equally focus to establish and build their brand awareness. Pioneers in this category who have never stepped into the world of digital are making a big mistake. Increase your social worth at its best with real stories.

Social media campaigns

Gotta a high-valued project in your deck? Go for multilevel campaigns on social media. Give it the exposure and sell it socially. Potential buyers and investors need to be convinced and this can be made easier by building strong social proof with result-oriented campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

People always trust in original stories, which should always be humane. Influencer Marketing is the key to unlock the possibilities of credibility. Whatever the Ad is about let it be tied with a human story and there you earn the badge of trust which the customer is looking for.

Augmented reality

Real Estate marketing strategy took a giant leap with the introduction of Augmented Reality. Customer's demand for virtual experience can't be denied for a real estate agent who always promises true experiences. Virtual Tours helps the conversion easier for the Real Estate Agencies. Many realtors and developers are having close contact with Creative Agencies in Dubai to visualize a 360-degree tour of their multi-dollar project.

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Effective ways to promote your business on social media

Social media marketing is the new big thing for brands to cash on. Traditional media has been replaced by social media platforms for brands to promote their products. Social media can help your brand directly interact with your customers and make your strategy engaging. There are certain factors to keep in mind while marketing your brand on social media. Firstly, you have to choose the right platform to share your content. There are many social media sites, but identifying the right mix is the key. The next step is creating a calendar. You have to work out the content in advance so the posts can be engaging and even entertaining. Encouraging engagement is the key to success for any brand. The content should make people want to be part of the brand experience. Make sure that you don’t overdo your promotion and it can adversely affect the brand. You should also look for feedbacks that can be negative in nature to solve it right then before it escalates. If you can build a community around your brand and offer value to your customers, it will work wonders for your brand.

In the UAE, Vibrand is an online marketing agency that offers social media solutions with the right content and strategy. This digital marketing agency has worked with premium brands on many successful social media campaigns. Brand your business with Vibrand and increase your market visibility and revenue at a cost that’s affordable.

LinkedIn strategies for B2B

Marketers have undervalued LinkedIn for a long time, but now it is getting a lot of traction, especially in B2B marketing.

Create a compelling business page
Create a compelling business page with a tagline enhanced with competitive keywords.

Identify your audience
Do the litmus test to find out the taste of your audience. Create valuable content that goes along with the taste of the audience.

Turn your employees into influencers of our page.
Let your employees be the spokesperson of your business. The authentic content posted from their profile will always be higher than the value of any million-followed influencer.

Post consistent clickable updates.
Let your posts hold some extension and call to action. Consistent clickable updates leverage traffic to your Company website.

Create a strong network
Create a strong and solid network of like-minded professionals. Your network will take your works to the next level of recognition.

Ultimately, define your goals, understand your audience. This deep understanding is crucial to determine the success of your Linked In page.

Significance of SEO in digital marketing

SEO is an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. It increases user traffic, conversion rate, ROI and many more. Your website need to have good ranking so that you can find more users logging in to your site. There are different strategies to ensure a good SEO. On page optimization is a technique to drive more traffic to your website. This is done through certain techniques like using a good density of keywords, meta keywords and so forth. Off page optimization is another technique where you build links with trusted and well-known sites.

SEO is economical as it’s a fixed paid service. This can help you improve search engine ranking of your website. You can reach above your competitors by wisely using the SEO techniques. As SEO increases the visibility of your site in search engines it can push your brand forward and help you achieve your business goals.

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Vibrand 360: Lighting up the creative scene in the Middle East

With utmost pleasure and happiness, we are sharing the article that features our master of ideation and CEO of Vibrand 360- Mr. Abdul Shafeeq in the Gulf Leaders column of Khaleej Times daily.

Here he answers a few questions about his career and creative journey and the lessons learnt along the way.

Vibrand 360: Lighting up the creative scene in the Middle East –

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

The next big trends in Digital Marketing

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here seems to be an emerging theme that digital marketers love AI and for good reason, they depend on it. A recent study from AppNexus shows that 86% of all digital marketers say that AI makes them more effective at their jobs. Companies across the globe spent $6B in AI marketing throughout all of 2018. If anything is future-safe in digital marketing, it’s the AI, as it helps marketers reach unfounded performance and unprecedented scale.

2. Voice Search

Smart speakers, smart fridges, smartphones. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow —and with it grows the importance of voice recognition and voice searching.

Influencer Marketing
Using the facility of influencer marketing is the next big thing in digital marketing. If this is the first time you’ve heard the term, chances are it’s not the first time you’ve encountered influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing scenes in Dubai has witnessed a major gear shift during the days of lockdown.

Messenger/In-App Ads
It probably comes as no shock to realize mobile traffic is becoming more relevant. But what you'll not know is what proportion of advertising spend has increased in terms of optimizing for mobile. Since 2013, mobile ad spend has increased (globally) by $176.35B. Yes, its "Billion" only.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Both augmented and virtual reality have made massive impacts for various marketers. Both of them require some pretty hefty work, from a technological point of view. Augmented reality allows you to “test” whether or not your product or service will work. Imagine a virtual world where you get a tour, training, or demo of a product or service.

It’s clear to ascertain what proportion of technological prowess is advancing digital marketing’s best practices. The power of AI is undeniably a big thing in digital marketing because technology allows newer and more exciting opportunities to flourish. But it doesn’t stop there. So many other tactics and best practices exist under the umbrella that AI brings.

Are you up to experience the biggest in digital marketing?