How should be your SEO strategy in the base level?

The first month of an SEO project is always crucial for an SEO project

Your 1 to 2 weeks should be into detailed keyword research and URL optimization.

Still, it’s your first month, and so if you can bring some excellent improvement, it’s enough to impress and convince the client to get performance monitoring tools onboard.

Things to do in the base level of your SEO project to get quick results:

Refine your Research

Comprehend the highest traffic and best performing page using Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Finalize three target keywords for each page: 1 Primary keyword and 2 Secondary Keyword. Finalize and fix the keywords to the URL mapping record.

Analyze and Amend

Analyze the current ranking of targeted keywords and review if your content has the quality and quantity(Word count) to rank in the 1st position on Google.
Based on your analysis, amend the contents to optimize better.

Optimize HUM (Heading + URL + Metadescription)

After amending contents as per the keyword plan, create a keyword order plan and implement it immediately on the H1 tag, URLs and Meta descriptions.

Once the modifications are implemented, examine and submit the URL for crawl using the Google search console.

Before submitting the URL on the Google search console, ensure the URL has a good reach and presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Linked In and Twitter.

As you all know, SEO is vast as an ocean, and so are the strategies as well. If the base is built strong, the results will be monumental eventually.

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