Graphic design trends in the year 2020

They are there, sitting next to the window with a few coffee sips in the sundown and some music in the background creating the finest of designs. They are the Graphic Designers loving to live in their world of ideas. They weave the magic which we call as trends.

Here are a few Graphic Design trends that happened in the year 2020:

Depth and denser 3D
Monochrome magic
Minimalistic Elegance
Tantalizing Typography
Pastel Power Palette
Mix and Match of Illustrations and Photographs
Abstract and surreal Artwork

The design trend of 2020 can be highlighted with denser 3D designs. Realism and 3D design compositions are both visually appealing and unique.

The duotone craze has faded and the monochrome has become the new normal! Designers are experimenting with strange and special mono compositions. The widely evolved monochrome filters had made an immense impact on the world of advertising designs.

Elegant Minimalistic designs have always been the favorite of every designer. Denser and thoughtful communications are the key to this method.

Pastel palette is the newly loved road of design artmakers. Many awestruck experiments are happening in this area.

The play with illustrations and photographs is quite an interesting creative trend found in 2020. Doodling with matching photographs gives an appealing feeling to the composition.

Abstract and surreal mixing has always been the favorite style for any out-of-the-box designer. 2020 has witnessed many mesmerizing combinations which is both simple and surreal.