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Video marketing trends of 2020

Video marketing trends of 2020

According to the latest reports, most businesses across the world are incorporating video marketing in their strategy to leverage the latest trends and to reap great returns. Two-thirds of the brands are expected to join the bandwagon and it will be an important step both for consumers and brands. Video content is slowly becoming the favorite way for brands to interact with consumers. It’s easy to understand and make a pitch that can convert into sales.

The latest trends in video marketing include shoppable videos and other innovations. Shoppable videos are already in use on YouTube marketing, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here brands create videos that link them directly to the product or service making it easy to purchase. Video content is the simplest and easiest way to engage with your customers and make them buy the product.
Vlogging is growing leaps and bounds and brands are using it like never before to reach their customers. Video creation is a good way to earn trust and authenticity for the brand. It can be used as a platform to introduce new products before the launch. Personalization of emails and newsletters is not a new phenomenon. In 2020 we will see more of personalized video content that’s relatable to the viewers. This is done through data and customer feedback. The videos become more relevant this way.

Interactive videos use many technicalities to make the video interesting. For instance, 360-degree access allows users to scroll in various ways inside the video. Branching customize content based on preferences. Hotspots allow users to click and interact with video in more detail. Leverage on the video trends to boost sales, because this is the future.
Vibrand is an integrated agency specialized in video production and futuristic marketing techniques. Corporate video production, YouTube marketing, Video creation, promoting YouTube channel are some of the specialties of this video production company. Contact us to make your brand successful.

Influencer Marketing Trend in the UAE

Influencer Marketing has been creating a big impact on the digital landscape of the UAE.
This lucrative marketing tactic is playing a major role in the niche categories of beauty, entertainment, food, travel and technology.
Be it from micro to macro, the influencers of any size are considered as the trump card of any businesses such as beauty, fashion, entertainment, travel and technology.

Businesses from small enterprises to boutique businesses are going crazy in chasing micro-influencers to raise their brand awareness.
A recent survey on the digital behavior of the Middle East social media users clearly explains their peculiar affinity towards video stories.

While considering all the social media platforms, Instagram and YouTube are at the top of the line platforms for influencer marketing. Surprisingly, Facebook is not going in line with this trending tactic though some shifting scenes are happening alongside.

Middle East Brands who used influencers for their promotions have experienced exponential growth in the ROIs. Needless to say, this is the best-ever cost-effective marketing strategy ever happened in the world of promotions.

Digital marketing these days is more transparent and the growth metrics resulted from the influencer marketers reveal that it isn’t a fad anymore and the trend is here to stay for long.

As the year is nearing to its end in a few months, the current digital marketing trends of influencer marketing and video marketing are going to gain prominence in the Arab world.

If you require to boost the potential of your business with effective influencer marketing, feel free to reach us at biz@vibrand360.com

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Why you should advertise on social media?

No matter the size of your business, utilizing social media as a crucial platform to reach your target audience is equally important as marketing your business on other platforms. Coming to the investment in Social Media, it is more affordable compared to other platforms and comparatively more beneficial. In addition, your clients and customers are on the same social media platforms as you. By 2021, the number of social media users is expected to skyrocket to 3.1 billion. Targeting your audience through social media is more effortless and effective rather than investing in any other platform or website. Furthermore, your customers will be more receptive to your messages as they are more likely to be interacting with their favorite brands. By posting content that adds value to your target audience, your brand recognition will be paramount. This increases your inbound traffic to your website as well as improves your search engine rankings. Moreover, it has been recorded that marketing on social media leads to higher conversion rates. When all the brands are striving hard for brand loyalty, building it is comparatively easier through social media marketing. Social media ads connect to your customers you didn’t know existed. This is because, as the brand is exposed more you get more potential leads. Social media enthusiasts as well as follow brands that engage them.

Vibrant 360 is a popular social media marketing agency in the UAE that offers social media services at optimum rates. The agency will help you reach your target audience at ease. Social media services have been availed by many leading brands and have successfully exceeded targets. The expertise of Vibrant 360 covers all social media platforms and beyond. Especially during the pandemic, when other mediums are inaccessible, however, you can still reach your target audience with the help of Vibrant 360, the digital marketing agency in the UAE that has helped numerous brands succeed. Contact us for a quote and advice on how your brand can increase presence in the digital space.

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Latest Digital Marketing Trends in UAE

Dubai, the New York of the Middle East has witnessed many emerging Digital Marketing Trends in 2020. Ever-evolving Digital Landscape of Dubai and the UAE has a lot to offer from small business owners to megacorps.

If you are a business owner in the UAE with a zero-digital presence, you will be surely left behind. It doesn’t require millions to compete with the big leagues online.

Read on to find out the most wanted Digital Marketing Trends in the UAE.

Video Marketing

What is it that makes videos so special?
90% of marketers say it’s the icing on the top of any kind of Digital Marketing. User sentiments towards interesting video content are higher these days. Spending money on Video Marketing is one of the cost-effective brand communications.

Vibrand 360, being a highly creative Digital Marketing Agency in UAE assures excellent quality, and
engaging video content for our clients.

Influencer Marketing

The golden nugget in the lab of Digital Marketing! Influencer Marketing is the most desirous Digital Marketing Trend in the UAE. Creating a big buzz for any brand online with assured conversions makes Influencer Marketing a major strategy to count on. Besides, it leverages your sales cost-effectively and gives a credible brand reputation.

Cross Promotions

Online and Offline marketing should always go hand-in-hand. Cross Promotion is the answer. The marketing team of Vibrand 360 weaves and executes result-driven cross-promotion strategies for our customers. Apart from getting the benefits of partnering on a new platform, it is venturing new territories for your brand.

How can corporates leverage the power of social media to strengthen their brand?

Since the stone age, the chimpanzee group had their own social community with strict protocols are territory to follow, the exact same concept was carried forward to the economic revolution where the existence of brand happened.

Being social and engaging in a community is something that humans can’t skip. In fact, scientists have figured out that being in a community directly impacts the lifespan of a human being.
Social Media

Guess what? Social media websites are engineered in a certain way that automatically provides a homely experience for the users to keep scrolling to know more about what’s happening in their community.

Except for the part that a community only exist in the imagination, not real.

Imagine a crowd which consistently show up at one location every morning from 10 to 11. The crowd has its own potential, the crowd shares the same kind of interest and welcomes freshers.
To take leverage out of that crowd, you have to make sure you join the crowd as a fresher, understand their nature and interests to finally solve a problem with your product or service to showcase your brand.

Leverage only happens when brands solve problems and gain trust. Most brands misuse the space without knowing the nature of the crowd, and they think they are leveraging (precisely, they’re not).

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter cannot exist if brands decide to exit the platform. Brands are taking very good leverage out of these platforms by solving users problems with a perfectly stitched content strategy that doesn’t disturb the crowd.

Social media platforms offer a wide variety of marketing solutions within their platform to take leverage at a comparatively lesser cost which definitely makes sense to brand development officer sitting at the right corner of your office.
Bottom line

How do you take the leverage?

Get started with easy to use solutions provided by social media platforms, build a content strategy that doesn’t disturb the crowd. Find the interest, solve the problem and build the trust.

In fact, there are brand managers who invest 95% of their budget into social media to get the maximum audience at a comparatively lesser cost (far cheaper than print marketing). The privacy policies of Facebook platforms also share interesting demographics which could be used to learn your audience in depth.

There’s no reason not to give it a try. After all, it’s free and cheaper compared to the market. Build the brand, solve the problem, take the leverage!

The Role of creativity in Advertising and Digital Marketing

In Dubai, we can see many advertising and digital marketing companies blooming. But an advertisement campaign or a marketing strategy without creativity is like an advertisement with no life. Creativity is the life and soul of advertising and branding. It is what gives life to ads about products and services that may otherwise be monotonous or insignificant for the viewers. Advertisers often turn to advertising agencies for the design and development of campaigns and ads, but an advertising can never be effective unless and until it is appealing. It can only appeal once it is creative and this creativity varies with taste, geography, culture, time, gender, age etc. The professionals in advertising always say that nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make. In fact, an impression is a differentiator in the advertising business.

The creative process includes the following:

  • Preparatory phase: Gathering background details.
  • Digestive phase: Taking the background details, working on it and fiddling
    with it in the mind.
  • Incubatory phase: Idea development.
  • Illuminator phase: foreseeing the solution.
  • Verification phase: Refining the idea and finding the appropriate solution.

Here are some parameters which can help you figure out the creativity:
1. Creative strategy: For a successful advertising or digital campaign, we need a creative strategy. Prior to developing ads, a creative copy team formulates a creative concept or strategy. The creative team consists of people at an ad agency who collaborate on the creative concept for an advertising campaign. Typically, this includes copywriters, art directors or designers, and account planners. This is the theme of a campaign that will carry through all executions and serve as the foundation of the message you want to get across to target customers.
2. Uniqueness: If you are showing something which they have never seen, they would surely be interested to have a look at least. This creates an impact and fetches you quality customers.
3. Elements of creativity and advertising: These include the three ‘I’s. That is Imagination, Inventiveness, and Inspiration. To draw the attention of the viewers, the ads should be funny, clever, unique and exciting.
4. Taking creative risks: Many people will use a proven formula when creating ads because they are safe. But those who go beyond these proven techniques will be more successful in creating winning campaigns and marketing strategies.
5. Creating a brand image: this is particularly important when we have similar brands or competitors.
6. Positioning: Establish the brand position in the customers’ mind.
7. Message appeal: It is an approach taken to draw the attention of viewers to influence them to act. Message appealing can be done through price appeal, quality appeal or star appeal or sensory appeal or social acceptance appeal etc.
Prof. Jef L. Richards quoted, “Creativity without strategy is called Art, creative with strategy is called Advertising”. If the objective of advertising is to build a brand and increase market share of a product, the essence to achieve those goals is creativity. So, let all the advertising sparkle by including a bit of creativity!